IAL Issue 3 (35) published

This issue is mainly devoted to functioning of various grammatical means in academic, polotical, business and media discourses.

T. I. Gribanova and A.E. Ustyantseva are consifering the issue of hedging, I. S. Lebedeva focuses on supposition structures. 

Persuasive techniques are the object of investigation of I.D. Romanova.

T. I. Gribanova
Hedging in different types of discourse

I. S. Lebedeva
Expression of supposition in spoken English

A.V. Radyuk, R. Feigina, O. Djagatspanyan 
Metaphorical transfer in modern mass media discourse

I.D. Romanova 
The “Feel – Felt  – Found” technique and other persuasive means of changing post communicative behaviour of the recipient

A.E. Ustyantseva
Hedging in academic writing