Issue 1(37) published

Issue 37 dwells on the aspects of such types of institutional discourse as song discourse, Internet discourse, corporate and business discourse (P.N. Khromenkov, T.S. Bashkankova, I.I.Valuitseva, D.A. Knyazkov).

Computer linguistics issues are explored by O.I. Maksimenko and А.O. Kutnyaya who are investigating the constituents of “Joy” emotion.

Linguacultural aspects of literary discourse are studied by A.G. Sokolova and D.M. Khuchbarova.

Finally, foreign language teachng in Kazakhstan is discussed in the article of G.T.Khukhuni and E.G. Shovkovich.



Bashkankova T.S., Khromenkov P.N.

Politeness in the Internet discourse


Valuitseva I.I., Knyazkov D.A.

Phonetic methods of text presentation as speech impact techniques of song discourse (on the example of compositions of the Eurovision song contest of the 21st century)


Kutnyaya А.O., Maksimenko O.I.

Automatic extraction of emotion “Joy”


 Sokolova A.G., Khuchbarova D.M.

The contact of German and Italian culture-specific concepts on the territory of Switzerland exemplified by the novel of Alberto Nessi ‘Tutti discendono’


Feigina R.

Lexical peculiarities of professional jargon in corporate communication


Shovkovich E.G., Khukhuni G.T.

Polylinguism in education (on the example of Kazakhstan)