Issue 40 published

Issue 40 covers the problems of discourse theory, cognitive linguistics, the theory of teaching foreign languages.

Fomina M.A. conducts an analysis of the surface and deep structures of models with the semantic subject type "experiencer".

Valuitseva I.I. and Krukovskaya M.O. consider the sociolinguistic aspects of political correctness in American discourse, giving specific examples of linguistic changes at the morphological and lexical levels of the language in accordance with the social needs of society.

Volkova I.D. conducts a comparative analysis of the concepts of pragmatic adaptation and localization in order to substantiate the necessity of using a new term to name culturally-conditioned modifications of the original text.

Sambo sports discourse based on German-language material is analysed in the work of V.S. Tabakova. and Guseinova I.A.

Ernazarov D.Z., Avilova Kh.N., Gulyamova M.Kh. identify the main criteria for the selection of authentic materials in accordance with the purpose and objectives of teaching a foreign language in Uzbekistan.