T.S. Bashkankova, P.N. Khromenkov
Moscow Region State University
Issue 37

   The article is devoted to the study of politeness in the Internet. Presently, Internet communication has become particularly popular. Growing number of users determines the growing volume of this type of communication, which is to be investigated. It is also important to reveal the main problems that impede successful communication. In particular, there is a need for a detailed analysis of politeness violations. As a subject of research, the features of compliance or non-compliance with the rules of politeness by Internet users are considered. The material of the study is forums, from which three question-answer polylogues were selected for analysis. The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that its materials can be used in seminars on the theory of dialogue, etiquette, pragmatics, speech culture and stylistics. In the course of the study, it was theoretically and experimentally proved that there are certain types of aggressive speech behavior that interfere with successful communication, which are found especially often and which markers of speech aggression are characteristic of them. 

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Bashkankova, T.S. & Khromenkov, P.N. (2020). Politeness in the Internet discourse. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 37, 7-29. doi: https://doi.org/10.25076/vpl.37.01 

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.