А.O. Kutnyaya, O.I. Maksimenko
Moscow Region State University
Issue 37

   Emotion mining is one of the relevant areas of natural language processing. Nowadays the problem of emotion extraction from text is not completely solved. The paper deals with the main problems of automatic emotion extraction related to language features and the methods to solve them are considered. The article describes an experiment of analysis of the system for automatic sentiment analysis Indico for Russian and English languages on the example of automatic extraction of the emotion "joy". Testing was carried out on the parallel corpus of Russian and English political texts. A comparative analysis of results for both languages and selective manual analysis of the texts was conducted, and the main errors were described. According to the results, it can be concluded that the quality of the automatic sentiment analysis is not high enough. In conclusion, the possible causes of the system's errors were considered. 

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Kutnyaya, А.O. & Maksimenko, O.I. (2020). Automatic extraction of emotion "joy". Issues of Applied Linguistics, 37, 53-76. doi:

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