Latest Issue №42
Isabelle S. Thaler

Systemic Functional Linguistics is about using language to negotiate meaning.

T.A. Dmitrenko, E.N. Makhmutova

The article analyzes the problem associated with mastering a foreign language (FL), as an important component of intercultural communication, by future specialists in the field of intercultural contacts, which is especially important in the context of globalization and a multicultural environment

A.V. Radyuk, K.G. Devyatnikova

The aim of this article is to identify manipulative strategies with stigmatized presuppositions which have the greatest impact on the audience in the media discourse.

T.F. Usmanov, M.S. Broitman

The article deals with analysis and specifics of mass media of Venezuela with regard to representation of the image of “enemy” and “friend” of Venezuela and its political leaders.

D.M. Khuchbarova, K.G. Devyatnikova

Over the last decades military specialists of our country have a great opportunity to conduct research and to speak on military topics at psychological congresses, conferences, workshops, etc. in our country. That‟s why proficiency in a foreign language within military professions is actual.