Latest Issue №41
S.N. Popova, A.R. Magsumov

The research is devoted to the phenomenon of sound symbolism in the language.

S.V. Saveliev, N.S. Kiseleva, Zh.V. Strebkova

This article attempts to address the problem of nomination in the terminology system of nuclear power and the potential of the metaphor as a means of

V.V. Sibul, A.V. Kuksova

The paper studies euphemisms which are employed in the English mass media to describe the coronavirus pandemic and the social events connected with it

A.U.Beysembaeva, K.D.Arabaji, I.I.Sofina, Zh.A.Eskazinova

This article examines modern cultural codes in English and Russian.

P.P. Glazko

The article deals with the language means of actualization of the category of expressiveness in personal genres of American and Belarusian media

E.P. Murashova

The article is devoted to the dynamics of semantic changes that the term “nostalgia” has undergone over time.