Date: September 2021 Volume: 43 Articles: 5 Pages: 131

The current issue is devoted to the problems of cultural linguistics, methods of teaching foreign languages ​​via information technologies, and language theory.

The problems of etiquette and its relationship with the national culture of Americans are described in the articles of I. I. Valuytseva, S.S. Ponomareva, A.V. Litvinova.

Changes related to communication in the Internet environment are described in the article by N.Yu. Nelyubova, E.D. Kalinnikova, L.A. Govorova.

The article by G.O. Petrosyan and E.G. Grishechko is intended for specialists in the field of digital methods of teaching foreign languages.

In the work devoted to the philosophy of language (D.Z. Ernazarov), the importance of the formation of socio-cultural competence among students studying a foreign language is emphasized.