Latest Issue № 33

This chapter introduces the competences which are being developed as part of approaches to international education across the globe and also reviews the main approaches to developing these competences sets.

The article deals with the integration of mobile technologies in the language teaching and learning process to develop the sociocultural competence.

In this article we consider the most commonly used ways of forming the single-component and multi-component terms of International Humanitarian Law in multi-structured English and Russian languages.

This paper addresses the issue of teaching English academic writing at the university level in Russia.

When working with foreign students in small groups at University was revealed almost complete lack of motivation and independent activity of the student in the study of Russian as a foreign language in extracurricular time.

The present article is devoted to the functioning of verb means denoting communication in Business English strategic planning. The authors base on the generalized classification of cooperative strategies and tactics and pay special attention to the contact strategy.