Latest Issue № 39
I.I. Valuitseva, I.S. Vetchinina

Currently, the world is undergoing significant changes in all areas of society. Traditionally, political linguistics has studied the discursive practices of politicians, i.e.

A.V. Radyuk, K.G. Devyatnikova

The article presents an analysis of syntactic and lexical-semantic means used by English-language online magazines to manipulate the reader's consciousness.

E.V. Kovsh, А.O. Kutnyaya

The mass media today is a subject of study of sociolinguistics. On the example of modern press it becomes possible to trace the actual processes taking place in society.

E. A. Severina

The article is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of “hybridization” of the modern German-speaking feuilleton, which combines the features of different functional styles - artistic and publicity speech.

G.T. Khukhuni, E.A. Komarova

In the age of information technology and globalization, the speed of language development is accelerating, which cannot but affect language usage and norms.

D.M. Khuchbarova, A.G. Sokolova

In the present research work, the authors conducted a linguocultural study of Russian, American and British written forms of business discourse.