Latest Issue №48
L.U. Tarieva

The topic chosen for consideration is one of the important ones, as the complex sentence of ergative language is interpreted in connection with the function of the components of the person paradigm, ambiguously reflected i

R.R. Asmyatullin

After the beginning of Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine crisis in the relationships between Russia and the Western countries reached a tipping poi

S.A. Burikova, K.G. Malozemova

In society it is believed that language of business tends to be dry and dull, but, in practice, Linguistics proves it wrong.

E. Burrini

Sketching out a list of the most famous linguists who devoted themselves to study errors and tried to treat them between the ‘60s up to 2018 this paper deals with the questions that arise when a teacher of  Italian as Fore

A.V. Radyuk, M.V. Nikogosyan

The article is devoted to the study of lexico-stylistic expressive means in the English language based on body positivity articles and their place in the actively emerging lifestyle discourse.

V. L. Sokolova

This article explores and analyzes the linguistic and compositional features of the "editorial" newspaper discourse.