Latest Issue № 36
I.I. Valuitseva, I.Y.Philatov

The research deals with the problem of efficiency of traditional and modern methods of automatic speech recognition (ASR).

N.А. Vorobyeva, P.N Khromenkov

The article deals with the influence of musical and poetic texts on listeners. Any poetic text can be perceived quite differentl

Gadzhiev A.A., Khmelev A.K.

Disambiguation is a relevant scientific field of research in language theory and natural language processing.

Maksimenko O.I. , Podlegaeva E.P.

The article deals with the problematic of localization and adaptation of multisemiotic videoverbal animation texts from Russian into English in view of gender features of main characters.

Filatova M.V., Maksimenko O.I.

The article deals with the main linguistic features of the Internet language in the social networks Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte as one of the leading components of the Internet space for the period 2015-2018.