Latest Issue № 38
Barbara Tzimorota

The primary purpose of this case study is to present how storybooks can be used parallel to a coursebook in the classroom to create a supportive and motivating learning environment.

А.P. Avramenko, M.A. Davydova

The article discusses the specifics of integrated writing tasks and their didactic potential in teaching a foreign language.

T.A. Dmitrenko, I.M. Gorodnichev

The article analyzes a relevant problem connected with the English language which is an international language, which a big number of people in the world learn in order to have an opportunity to communicate with representatives of different cultures all over the world.

I. S. Lebedeva, P.K. Fedorova

This article is devoted to the study of the relationship between the use of politeness tactics and conflict resolution.

R.I. Proklov

The article considers socio-linguistic aspects of Brazilian political and media discourse and explores some linguistic tools shaping politicians‟ negative image.

I. D. Romanova

The article presents the analysis of persuasive means in accordance with socionics theory.

Романова И.Д.

В статье представлен анализ убедительных средств в соответствии с теорией соционики.