Latest Issue № 37
T.S. Bashkankova, P.N. Khromenkov

   The article is devoted to the study of politeness in the Internet. Presently, Internet communication has become particularly popular. Growing number of users determines the growing volume of this type of communication, which is to be investigated.

I.I. Valuitseva, D.A. Knyazkov

   The article discusses the importance of phonetic means of expression in song texts of compositions of the international Eurovision Song Contest. The relevance of this study is due to the great interest in studying the functioning of song discourse.

А.O. Kutnyaya, O.I. Maksimenko

   Emotion mining is one of the relevant areas of natural language processing. Nowadays the problem of emotion extraction from text is not completely solved.

A.G. Sokolova, D.M. Khuchbarova

   The present paper is dedicated to the study of languages and cultures contact on the territory of Switzerland as illustrated by the novel of Italian writer Alberto Nessi “Tutti discendono” (Несси, 1989).

R. Feigina

   Today, modern corporations use various discursive events, such as job advertisements, business correspondence, CEO statements, and annual reports to maintain a corporate identity that fully reflects the professional target language.

E.G. Shovkovich, G.T. Khukhuni

   This study focuses on the issue of multilingual education and some aspects of multilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan are considered here as an example. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a state consisting of several national groups.