Date: June-2020 Volume: 2 Articles: 6 Pages: 134

The current volume is devoted to the issues of linguodidactics and discourse studies.

B. Tzimorota gives an overview of teaching experience in Greece and the role of storytelling in educating young learners.

А.P. Avramenko and M.A. Davydova describe an approach to the integrated writing tasks perceived through the prism of the concept of “mediation skills”.

T. A. Dmitrenko and I. M. Gorodnichev study the issues of teaching national variants of English and explain why sometimes students can not differentiate British English from American English which leads to communicative failures while communicating with native English speakers.

Various aspects of discourse analysis are investigated: the phenomenon of conflict discourse (I. S. Lebedeva and P.K. Fedorova), speech influence in Brazilian political discourse (R.I. Proklov) and socionic aspects of persuasion in advertising (I. D. Romanova).

Date: March-2020 Volume: 1 Articles: 6 Pages: 144

Issue 37 dwells on the aspects of such types of institutional discourse as song discourse, Internet discourse, corporate and business discourse (P.N. Khromenkov, T.S. Bashkankova, I.I.Valuitseva, D.A. Knyazkov).

Computer linguistics issues are explored by O.I. Maksimenko and А.O. Kutnyaya who are investigating the constituents of “joy” emotion.

Linguacultural aspects of literary discourse are studied by A.G., Sokolova and D.M. Khuchbarova.

Finally, foreign language teachng in Kazakhstan is discussed in the article of G.T.Khukhuni and E.G. Shovkovich.

Date: December-2019 Volume: 4 Articles: 5 Pages: 122

The topics discussed in Issue 4 (36) are concentrated around computer linguistics (Valuitseva I.I., Philatov I.Y., Gadzhiev A.A.,  Khmelev A.K.), translation studies and  musical discourse.

O.I. Maksimenko , E.P. Podlegaeva , N.А. Vorobyeva and P.N.Khromenkov  work in the field of pragmatics and identify pragmatic features of poetic texs as well as geder factor in translation of proper names in cartoons.

M.V. Filatova and O.I. Maksimenko provide an interestng insight into evolution of the Internet discourse within the period of 2015-2018.

Date: September-2019 Volume: 3 Articles: 5 Pages: 98
Date: June-2019 Volume: 2 Articles: 7 Pages: 155
Date: March-2019 Volume: 1 Articles: 6 Pages: 122
Date: December-2018 Volume: 4 Articles: 15 Pages: 174
Date: June-2018 Volume: 2 Articles: 8 Pages: 104
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Date: December-2017 Volume: 4 Articles: 8 Pages: 95
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