Date: March 2022 Volume: 0 Articles: 6 Pages: 162

In the article by Shiryaeva T.A. and Litvishko O.M. CLIL technology is considered as a response to modern challenges in vocational education. Malyuga E.N. and Moskvicheva E.A. analyse the linguistic and pragmatic specifics of hedges in business communication. The article by Gorozhanov A.I., Guseinova I.A. and Stepanova D.V. is devoted to approbation of tools for automated analysis of the original literary text and its translation. Radina N.K. and Kozlova A.V. analyse the tone of electronic petitions of the international online platform Syntactic ways of expressing modality are studied in the article by Popova S.N. and Lukyanova T.A. Language suggestive techniques in business negotiations are analysed in the psycholinguistic aspect in the article by Radyuk A.V. and Umerova D.N.