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Malyuga E.N., Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Editor-in-Chief, Moscow, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia), е-mail: malyuga-en@rudn.ru

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Prof. Malyuga is the Chairperson of the Business and Vocational Foreign Languages Teachers National Association, and also Editor-in-Chief of Training, Language and Culture. Main research areas are functional pragmatics, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, professional and business communication. Dr. Malyuga is the author of more than 300 publications including those indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

Bauer Karin PhD Prof. (Canada, University McGill), е-mail: karin.bauer@mcgill.ca


Prof. K.Bauer's research is in the areas of cultural theories, gender studies, and contemporary German literature. She served as president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German from 2002 to 2004.

Beatty Ken Prof. Dr. (USA, Anaheim University), е-mail: kenbeatty@mac.com


Prof. K.Beatty is an expert in the area of computer assisted language learning and he was an Academic Advisor to Hong Kong's Educational Television from 1998 to 2004. He is the author of over 100 textbooks and teaching manuals.

Dollerup Cay PhD Prof. (Denmark, University of Copenhagen), е-mail: cay.dollerup@gmail.com,



Prof. C.Dollerup’s research is focused on British literature, cross-cultural studies, reader response, and translation. He is also a co-founder of the European Society for Translation Studies. More than 200 scholarly reports, articles, and books were written by him.

Klyukanov Igor Prof. (USA, Eastern Washington University), е-mail: iklyukanov@mail.ewu.edu

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Prof. I.Klyukanov is interested in intercultural and global communication issues as well as communication theory, philosophy of communication, semiotics, general linguistics, and translation studies. His works have been published in Costa Rica, Great Britain, Morocco, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, and United States.

Krouglov Alex, Prof. Dr. (Great Britain, University College London), е-mail: a.krouglov@londonmet.ac.uk

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Prof. A.Krouglov’s principal research areas are linguistics and sociolinguistics, as well as education, translation, and interpreting. He has vast professional experience in a number of international organizations among them, Institute of Linguists, International Criminal Court, UN, World Bank, and EU agencies. He published more than 100 articles, papers, and books.  

O’Dowd Robert Prof. Dr. (Spain, University of León),

е-mail: robert.odowd@unileon.es

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Prof. R.O'Dowd is the lead researcher on the European Commission’s Erasmus+ “Key Action 3” project.  He coordinated INTENT project financed by the European Commission and he was the founding president of the UNICollaboration academic organization for telecollaboration and virtual exchange.


Tomalin Barry Prof. (Great Britain, London Academy of Diplomacy), е-mail: barrytomalin@aol.com


Prof. B.Tomalin is creator and director of the Business Cultural Trainers Certificate designed for teachers and corporate personnel in order to improve their skills in intercultural training in business. He is a recognized authority in intercultural communication. He is also the author of several books and articles on world cultures and training.

Hansen Volkmar Prof. Dr. (Germany, University of Duesseldorf), е-mail: dr.volkmar.hansen@icloud.com

Prof. V.Hansen is an expert in the area of German literature. He especially focuses on studying Thomas Mann’s masterpieces.


Alexandrova O.V., Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, Moscow State University), е-mail: ovaleksandrova@gmail.com



Prof. O.V. Alexandrova’s research interests are cognitive-discursive features of speech of different communicative registers and functional styles, Internet language, grammatical processes in modern English language. She is the recipient of International Federation of Language Teacher Associations (FIPLV) award and the author of more than 200 scientific works.

Volkova Z.N., Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, University of Russian Academy of Education), е-mail: volkovazlata@yandex.ru

Prof. Z.N.Volkova conducts research in the area of contrastive linguistics, terminology science, theory and practice of interpreting. She is an active synchronist with professional experience in EU, European Council, UN, and Russian federal ministries. More than 100 publications, including several dictionaries were written by her.

Dmitrenko T.A., Academician of International Academy of Science and Higher School, Dr. of Pedagogy, Prof. (Moscow, Moscow State Pedagogical University), е-mail: ta.dmitrenko@mpgu.su

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Prof. T.A.Dmitrenko is interested in the development of modern methods and techniques in foreign languages learning as well as professional techniques of intercultural communication in the course of specialists training. She has over 200 scientific works.

Lebedeva I.S., Cand. of Sc. (Philology), Assoc. Prof. (Moscow, MGIMO University), е-mail: lebedeva_irina_68@yahoo.com

Prof. I.S. Lebedeva’s research is in the areas of functional discourse analysis and cognitive interpretation of grammar, conflict communication as well as methods of theoretical subjects teaching at university and educational standardization. She published more than 30 scientific works.


Mikheeva N.F., Academician of International Academy of Science and Higher School, Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia), е-mail: mikheeva-nf@rudn.ru

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Prof. N.F.Mikheeva’s research interests are dialectology of Romanic and German languages, intercultural communication, contact linguistics as well as methods of foreign language teaching and translation theory. She is the author of more than 200 scientific works.


Nazarova T.B., Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, Moscow State University), e-mail: tamara_nazarova@mail.ru

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Prof. T.B.Nazarova conducts research in the area of semiotics, lexicology, lexicography, and terminology science. She is the member of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and she has more than 100 publications.

Ponomarenko E.V., Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, MGIMO University), е-mail: 1pev2009@mail.ru

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Prof. E.V.Ponomarenko’s research is focused on functional linguosynergetics and pragmatics, discourse analysis, rhetoric and business communication as well as theoretical grammar of English. She published more than 100 scientific works.


Radchenko O.A., Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, Moscow State Linguistic University), е-mail: radoleg@gmail.com

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Prof. O.A.Radchenko’s principal research areas are linguo-historiography, German studies, and historiography. He is especially interested in philosophy of language in Germany in 30-40ss. Member of Academic senate in Leibniz Institute for the German Language. He wrote over 200 articles and textbooks.


Kharkovskaya A.A., Cand. of Sc. (Philology), Prof. (Samara, Samara State University), е-mail: aax2009@mail.ru

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Prof. A.A.Kharkovskaia's research interests are concentrated in both pragmalinguistic and sociolinguistic discourse studies. She is also engaged in the studies of speech etiquette markers in intercultural space and in the problems dealing with translation and interpreting. Her list of published papers includes over 200 titles.


Khramchenko D.S., Dr. of Philology, Prof. (Moscow, MGIMO University), е-mail: d.s.khramchenko@gmail.com

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Prof. D.S.Khramchenko conducts research in the area of functional linguistics, linguosynergetics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, rhetorics and stylistics of business communication. He authors more than 100 publications.


Shevlyakova D.A., Dr., Prof. (Moscow, Moscow State University). е-mail: scevliakova@mail.ru

Prof. D.A.Shevlyakova dedicated her scientific career to the studying of cultural anthropology, ethnology, theory and history of Italian culture, and history of Italian art. Over 150 scientific works were published by her.