Date: December 2023 Volume: Articles: 6 Pages: 157

The 52nd issue contains articles related to various linguistic aspects of research based on the material of various text genres: consideration of dance as a communicative pattern and the phenomenon of media urban discourse in Chinese cities (M.N. Dubinina), genre features of modern Chinese publicistic texts and issues of their linguistic analysis ( E.N. Bogomolova), othering as a trait of postcolonial literary discourse (O.A. Bykova, V.L. Sokolova), study of metaphors in the naval LSP (Language for specific purposes) within cognitive linguistics (I.P. Massalina and E.A. Sorokina).  A.D. Bobr and I.Yu. Migdal consider identifying, studying and describing markers of verbal aggression based on materials taken from commentaries of social networks. T. Linaker studies the problem of professional identity in a time of organisational change using the example of UK universities.