V.S.Tabakova, I.A. Guseynova
Moscow State Linguistic University
Issue 40

The article is devoted to the study of the sociolinguistic aspects of the German-language sambo discourse. The research focuses on the sports space of the discourse of sambo, human communication, social institutions, rituals in sports, and the symbolism of the sports space.

Sport is seen as a social phenomenon; the characteristic features of sports discourse, the predestination of the nature of communication in German sports discourse, the role and intentions of participants in sports discourse as the main figures of interaction in the communicative space are determined; the specificity is analyzed and the characteristic features of the intersection of institutional discourses are revealed; we identify and explain the significance, semiotics and scripting in the German-language sports discourse. The main aspects that contribute to the formation of social space, sports communication and that determine the formation of sports space are revealed.

Video materials in German and printed publications with German terminology were used as research and analysis material.

By analyzing research materials, a complex methodology is needed, namely the use of contextual analysis, discourse analysis and functional analysis of units of German-language special vocabulary.

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Tabakova, V.S., Guseynova, I.A.  Sociolinguistic aspects of German “sambo” discourse. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 40, 86-111.

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.