Latest Issue №46
Anisimova A.G. (1), Tikhonova N.Yu. (2)

The purpose of the study is to determine the main categories, or conceptual spheres, that are the basis for the formation of legal metaphor-based terms in the Old English language.

Denisova G.V., Pertkova E.R.

The study of the personal psychological characteristics and culturally determined national world picture influence on the perception of the text created by the fo

Pivkin S.D.

The purpose of the work is to analyze the use of one of the most productive suffix models in modern English.

Sapunova O.V. , Kolesnikova V.A.

The article focuses on the peculiarities of forming and developing professional communication skills of the students of psychology studying English and French as languages for special purposes.

Tomskaya M.V.

The article deals with the analysis of multimedia conference presentations in accordance with the multimodal approach to the study of linguistic phenomena.