About Us

General information

The academic journal Issues of Applied Linguistics (IAL) and its digital version were launched in 2007.

The Journal’s founder and publisher is a non-profit organization titled “The Business and Vocational Foreign Languages Teachers National Association”

The Business and Vocational Foreign Languages Teachers National Association was founded with the support of RUDN University. The Association aims to:

• develop theoretical and practical aspects of business and vocational communication from the perspective of language teaching;

• boost and merge the intellectual potential of Russian non-linguistic universities;

• enhance professional expertise for goal attainment;

• promote traditions and gained experience in this field across Russia and abroad

The Association cooperates closely with famous scientists, linguists, methodologists as well as university professors.

The Association’s high academic potential poured out into the creation of the journal, entitled “Issues of Applied Linguistics”. The Journal is an academic periodical, issued quarterly, aimed at researchers and teachers who mean to share their latest findings, engage in discussions over scientific issues, publish seminar and conference papers. IAL was registered as a media outlet in 2007 by the Federal Service for monitoring compliance with cultural heritage protection law.

In November 2012 the Journal got its ISSN (2306-1286). The Journal is currently indexed in Russian Science Citation Database, Google Scholar and Ulrich’s Periodicals. IAL is a refereed quarterly academic publication, intended for linguistics researchers, as well as teachers, post-graduates, students and all those concerned with linguistics and language teaching issues.


The Journal aims to:

• foster the scientific research in linguistics and the language teaching of business and vocational communication;

• discuss topical & innovative ideas;

• disseminate renowned experts’ fundamental works;

• stimulate young specialists’ research activity.


The Editorial Board and the Journal contributors seek to fulfil the following objectives: develop the above scientific issues, promote their implementation in teaching practices, thus enhancing experienced researchers’ language expertise. It is indispensable to form specialists whose language skills render them apt to improve business environment in Russia and abroad, enrich their competencies with foreign experience, expand international cooperation and enhance Russia’s image in the global business community.