Personification as a lexical stylistic device in business articles’ headlines

S.A. Burikova, K.G. Malozemova
RUDN University
Issue 48

In society it is believed that language of business tends to be dry and dull, but, in practice, Linguistics proves it wrong. The following article is devoted to a comprehensive study of the phenomenon of personification in business articles’ headlines. The main objective of the article is to identify peculiarities of using such lexical stylistic device on the basis of business-themed headlines’ practical study being referenced to international agenda. Much attention is given to aspects of headline and business language. The purpose of the study is to outline what personification is used for as well as the role of it in business headlines. The research focuses on investigating the brightest examples of its usage in foreign newspapers’ headlines as a part of business media discourse. The results of the study have shown that such linguistic element should be considered individually due to uniqueness of the context. The authors conclude by noting that without stylistic devices, especially, personification, business articles’ headlines wouldn’t be eye-catching for a reader. Accordingly, business media discourse has become the greatest tool of influencing and attracting readers’ attention. The study can be a helpful guide both to a linguist, studying personification stylistically, and a reader, interested in worldwide agenda.

For citation

Burikova, S.A., & Malozemova, K.G. (2022). Personification as a lexical stylistic device in business articles’ headlines. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 48, 54-75.

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.