Date: June 2022 Volume: 46 Articles: 6 Pages: 167

The 46th issue of the journal contains articles on historical and comparative linguistics (ANISIMOVA A.G., TIKHONOVA N.Yu. Categories of metaphor-based legal terms in Old English, SAPUNOVA O.V. , KOLESNIKOVA V.A. Comparative analysis of French and English terms in the field of psychology as part of developing professional communication skills), applied linguistics (TOMSKAYA M.V.Polymodal dimension of conference presentations), foreign language teaching methods and competence approach (CSAJBOK-TWEREFOU I. Competency-based education at the tertiary level: foreign language teaching in the university of Ghana). The authors also raise the issues of English word formation (PIVKIN S.D. Featuring the use of the -ize/-ise suffix word-formation model in the modern multidimensional discourse as referred to the English language) and psycholinguistic aspects of the perception of humor in a foreign language (DENISOVA G.V., PERTKOVA E.R. Psycholinguistic features of the perception of a foreign humorous text).