Lexico-stylistic expressive means in the English-language lifestyle media discourse

A.V. Radyuk, M.V. Nikogosyan
RUDN University
Issue 48

The article is devoted to the study of lexico-stylistic expressive means in the English language based on body positivity articles and their place in the actively emerging lifestyle discourse.

The relevance of this research is due to the dynamics of the pragmatic speech formation in connection with current changes in society’s attitude towards phenomena that previously belonged to the personal area and were not subjected to detailed public coverage. Despite the fact that expressive means are quite often the object of research in stylistics and literary criticism, there is a necessity for systematization in the English-language media discourse in connection with the ideas spread of sustainable development, tolerance, and environmental friendliness. Specialists in the field of mass communications rightly point out that the study of how these principles are promoted in media discourse could make a significant contribution to discursive research.

Articles about body positivity from quality press and lifestyle media magazines were selected as a material under research. The selection on the presented topic was subjected to functional and stylistic analysis, which made it possible to classify the main communicative goals for which various lexico-stylistic means are used.

The theoretical significance lies in the fact that the work fills a gap in the systematic description of the communicative repertoire of participants in media discourse in the field of lifestyle media and its pragmatic properties.

The authors come to the conclusion that the use of lexical and stylistic means is due to the pragmatic potential of lifestyle discourse and is concentrated around the following functions:  creating a positive image; veiling the connotation of the euphemised notions; intensifying the pragmatic impact of lifestyle discourse (persuasive); imposing a critical attitude to intolerance.

For citation

Radyuk, A.V., & Nikogosyan, M.V. (2022). Lexico-stylistic expressive means in the English-language lifestyle media discourse. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 48, 96-120. https://doi.org/10.25076/vpl.48.05

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.