Date: March 2021 Volume: 1 Articles: 7 Pages: 147

The special issue "Stylistic and culturological approaches in modern linguistic research" is devoted, on the one hand, to current research in the field of phonetics, terminology studies, lexicology of the English language (Popova S.N., Magsumov A.R. Saveliev S.V., Kiseleva N.S. , Strebkova Zh.V., Sibul V.V., Kuksova A.V.).

Another aspect of research is concentrated around comparative studies in the field of English, Russian, Italian and Belarusian languages ​​(Beisembaeva A.U., Arabadzhi K.D., Sof'ina I.I., Eskazinova Zh.A., Glazko P.P., Murashova E P., Orlova S.N., Kon'kova A.A.).