N.А. Vorobyeva, P.N Khromenkov
Moscow Region State University
Issue 36

The article deals with the influence of musical and poetic texts on listeners. Any poetic text can be perceived quite differently, and in conjunction with the musical one influence can be amplified. This is influenced by many factors that depend not only on the addressee, but also on the recipient, as well as other surrounding factors. This work is relevant because it is based on the importance of the role of the linguistic component in the process of creating and perceiving the lyrics of a modern musical artist of such a musical style as "metal music". It is currently one of the instruments of influence, both on the communicative activity of a person and on his perception. The subject of this study is the lyrics of the world-famous German metal band Rammstein. The objectives of this study include definition of the concepts of “poetic and musical discourse”, “metal music”; the ideological meaning of Rammstein's lyrics; features of perception, interpretation and the role of rhythm in the musical and poetic message; analysis of linguistic features of the musical and poetic text on the example of the text of one of Rammstein's songs, and a survey on the perception of the creativity of this group. In the course of research it was proved theoretically that any poetic text indeed can be perceived utterly differently, many factors affect that, dependent not only on the addressee, but also on the recipient.

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Vorobyeva, N.А., & Khromenkov, P.N. (2019). Linguo-pragmatics of german musical and poetic texts. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 36, 31-54. doi:

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