Cognitive approach experience to the metaphor analysis (on the basis of the navy language)

Authors MASSALINA I. P. (1), SOROKINA E. A. (2)
(1) Kaliningrad State Technical University, (2) State University of Education
Issue 52

Metaphorization in the naval LSP (Language for specific purposes) is studied in the cognitive linguistics context. The text understanding process is closely related to the phenomenon of mental situation image. In this case, the linguistic interpreting function reflects not only psychological features of the information perception, but also socio-cultural knowledge.

The purpose of the article is to analyze some metaphors in the naval domain, to establish the relationship between linguistic and extralinguistic factors, to focus some regularities of nomination when constructing logical or metaphorical connections between different conceptual and thematic areas and their elements. The process of interaction between knowledge structures of two conceptual domains - sphere «source» and sphere «target» is considered.

Procedure and methods. The study applied the methods of discursive and semantic analysis. When naming a new object, a person usually has associations with familiar things. That is why the metaphorical nomination sources in the naval discourse are body parts and animal names which describe humans from different perspectives. For example, "pigeon", "birds", "bilge rat". The origin of "the eyes of the ship" metaphor is explained.

The results of the study show that the metaphors in the LSP of navy are formed according to the most regular models of semantic transfers. In metaphorical formations the national specificity is obvious, so the national language characteristics in the highly professional naval sphere are identified.

The research results contribute to the further LSP cognitive study. The theoretical foundations of the naval discourse formation mechanisms are stated. The relationship between the naval language functioning and the specific features of the domain are established.

For citation

Massalina I. P. & Sorokina E. A. (2023). Cognitive approach experience to the metaphor analysis (on the basis of the navy language). Issues of Applied Linguistics, 52, 132-157.

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.