I. D. Romanova
Moscow state linguistic university
Issue 38

The article presents the analysis of persuasive means in accordance with socionics theory. The author carries out a research into the persuasive means used during communication basing on Carl Jung's models of psychological types represented in dichotomy (logics – ethics; sensorics – intuits; extraverts – introverts; rationals – irrationals). Deducting the comparative analysis of logics' and ethics' ways of perceiving information, the author comes to the conclusion that modern advertisements are created considering the mentioned psychological types which is reflected in the use of both rational and emotional persuasive means. The combination of these persuasive means allows to adjust persuasive texts to different human types which gives the opportunity to present information from different perspectives. The other idea of socionics used in advertising is that information can be divisible into information aspects – the categories that include information elements which a person's psyche processes (extraverted logic, introverted logic, introverted ethics, extraverted sensing, extraverted intuition and introverted intuition). These elements imply the human's ability or inability to get the presented information. Modern advertising texts use the linguistic means shifting information aspects in order to present the information which can be perceived by different human types. The author describes the main characteristics of each information aspect and reveals corresponding persuasive means used to reflect them. In addition, the article claims the importance of ethos during persuasive interaction which results in building up a proper corporate image. It is possible to draw a parallel between the advertising text and the psyche type depending on chosen persuasive means. To be more precise, the company can be presented as a person related to logics, ethics, sensorics, intuits, extraverts, introverts, rationals or irrationals. Ample examples are provided to prove the author's conclusions. 

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Romanova, I. D. (2020). Human types and persuasion in advertising. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 38, 114-134. 

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