O.I. Maksimenko, M.A. Savin, O.E. Pochernyaeva
Moscow Region State University
Issue 40

This article covers the specifics of male and female Internet communication, based on the works in the field of gender linguistics. An analysis of different concepts, scientific works and studies related to the genderlect was performed. Authors of this article conducted their own research based on the works of previous years in order to confirm or refute the thesis about the existing differences in the speech of men and women put forward previously. The research methods consisted of creating a list of studied gender speech markers, creating a methodology for assessing their relevance and conducting a survey using Google Forms. Drawing a conclusion from the results of the study, authors of this article concluded that the speech differences between sexes are extremely rare, non-systemic and affect language only on a lexical level. Based on the available data, it is impossible to confirm that the existing speech features of some male and female representatives are consequential of their sex/gender, and not individual cases of upbringing. The relevance of this work is due to the lack of such studies in the field of Russian language and Russian-speaking Internet, as well as ambiguity of previous studies by foreign scientists.

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Maksimenko, O.I., Savin, M.A., & Pochernyaeva, O.E. (2020). Gender differences of speech in internet communication. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 40, 54-86.

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