Minimal speech cell of military translation study in the Arabic-Russian language combination

Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne School
Issue 53

The article proposes an approach in the standardization of “minimal translation cell” concept in Russian translation theory and translation practice in the scope of consecutive translation. The results of the theoretical study were confirmed by practical translation experience gained in operational conditions of military-professional communication abroad. The core itinerary of description and standardizing of translation units in German-Russian and Romance-Russian languages configurations proposed earlier by Russian and foreign translation scientists are projected in this paper onto the Arabic-Russian language combination. The author applies an approach of explication the translation units nature by the method of describing the characteristic of their minimal partibility value. An attempt has been made to trace the regularities of the minimal translation cells selection in live speech situations of military communication, despite their inherent alternativeness. Experienced in military translating practice the models of communicative translation strategies such as a source texts segmentation into the smallest translation cells are represented. In this regard, the article makes it reasonable to implementing the concept of "minimal translation cell" into the theory and practice of translation. The initiative of training entry-level Arabic language military interpreters in the strategy of selecting final partibility reference units from the source texts, i.e. the shortest speech syntagms containing the key points of the messages. In this paper, the author considers it necessary to place additional emphasis on the most important characteristic of translation process in the military professional communication as the translation legitimacy, which obliges the military interpreter to carry out legitimate translation actions while understanding of the consequences of unintentional errors and possible distortions of military data in combat environment.


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Demin, P.E. (2024). Minimal speech cell of military translation study in the Arabic-Russian language combination. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 53, 38-63.

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