Functional analysis of the current foreign language e-teacher phenomenon on social networks

Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Siberian Management Institution (Novosibirsk branch)
Issue 53

The paper analyzes the functional features of the image of a current foreign language teacher on social networks which he/she acquires in course of transformation moving into the digital space and taking a status of e-teacher. In the paper such functions of a new teacher as infosocializing, teaching, ethic, cultural and entertaining are defined; the audience’s attitude towards teaching bloggers on the social network is revealed through the learners’ feedback; specific peculiarities of the particular teaching blogs held by the current foreign language e-teachers are studied which affects the learners’ perception of a teacher’s image; methodological aspects of the teaching blogs, content for foreign language learning as well as content presentation are analyzed. The image of the new teacher is viewed in terms of the digital educational environment which is represented by teaching blogs on social network VKontakte ( The social net is considered through the prism of linguistic and didactic potential for learning a foreign language (English herein), and it is seen as a platform for revealing the most significant features of a new e-teacher phenomenon. The functional performance of the e-teacher image is determined by self-representation options, blog content, didactic concepts as well as the ways of presenting the material for learning. Lexical-oriented conception is found to be more frequently applied alongside with using the immersive approach in foreign language teaching. The role of the content visual presentation by e-teacher is defined as crucial for successful accomplishment of learning targets. Emotional and entertaining elements of content presentation are characterized as the most essential. A humor component of the e-teacher image coupled with emotional presentation of the content positively affect the audience which facilitates more effective learning.

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Mikheeva, YU.A. (2024). Functional analysis of the current foreign language e-teacher phenomenon on social networks. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 53, 89-111.

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.