Filatova M.V., Maksimenko O.I.
Moscow Region State University
Issue 36

The article deals with the main linguistic features of the Internet language in the social networks Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte as one of the leading components of the Internet space for the period 2015-2018. With the popularity of the Internet communication the language responds to the latest technological and social trends.

The subject of research is the language of the Internet as a means of communication among the Internet users. The research material is a body of messages from the users of popular social networks in two languages - Russian and English. In the process of virtual communication, the text must be considered both as a self-valuable entity and as a means of achieving the goals of the Internet user.

Practical significance of the work lies in the fact that its results can be used in the analysis of this type of discourse (the Internet discourse) to serve as an explanation of language units functioning in the considered type of discourse, as well as when writing research papers on the study of the features of the Internet discourse on the material of other languages. The main conclusion is that the most significant influence is observed in vocabulary, but even at this level the language assimilates everything necessary for the development of society.

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Filatova, M.V., & Maksimenko, O.I. (2019). 2015-2018 Internet language: key features. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 36, 100-122. doi: https://doi.org/10.25076/vpl.36.05

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