Linguocultural aspect of the American speech etiquette by the example of Quentin Tarantino films

Moscow Region State University
Issue 43

The present study investigates the link between the American speech etiquette and the specific speech behavior of the heroes in the cinematic universe of the American film director - Quentin Tarantino (so called Tarantino-verse), who is famous both at the homeland and in the world for creating outstanding screenplays and dialogues. In this paper the authors have defined, in what way the director’s dialogues reflect the American reality (in different time periods) and how his oeuvre influences speech of English-speaking admirers and cinema audience. The authors of the research have studied and analyzed the information about the particular features of the American speech etiquette. The article presents the analysis of three films and corresponding screenplays: ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994), ‘Inglouroius Basterds’ (2009), ‘Django Unchained’ (2012). The choice of the material is justified by the fact that the given films show American society in its different history periods: the threshold of the Civil War, World War II and the nineties of the last century.

Among other things, this paper aims to examine, whether changes in American colloquial language are connected with Tarantino’s directing. We considered distinctive for the given films setting features; further analysis helped us to reveal and regularize speech behavior models used by movie heroes depending on various sociolinguistic factors, extralinguistic factors and types of communicative situations. In the course of the research the methods of analysis, induction and comparison have been used. These findings allowed us to shed light on unique speech etiquette in the director’s cinematic universe, thereafter generalize, order and present in the systematic form. This article provides the examples of neologisms related on the director’s name and his art, which are, besides, defined in Urban Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary. The value of research results lies in their potential use in sociolinguistics and English stylistics teaching and a number of other issues in linguistic area.

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Valuytseva, I.I., & Ponomareva, S.S.  (2021). Linguocultural aspect of the American speech etiquette by the example of Quentin Tarantino films. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 43, 7-37.

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