Tomskaya M.V.
Moscow State Linguistic University
Issue 46

The article deals with the analysis of multimedia conference presentations in accordance with the multimodal approach to the study of linguistic phenomena. The author considers conference presentation as a multimodal unity of verbal and non-verbal signs for the transfer of new scientific knowledge (based on the theoretical works by O.K. Iriskhanova, I.V. Zaitseva, E. Rowley-Jolivet, K.B. Hyland, I. Fortanet, I. Ventola and others).

The author analyzes the heterogeneous structure of conference presentations and comes to the conclusion that the verbal and non-verbal components of the presentation should contribute to the coordination of modalities at the local and global levels, as well as at the level of the text macrostructure.

The multimodal interaction and impact of the components of the conference presentation is confirmed by the results of an experimental study. This study was conducted by the author and his colleague on the basis of a survey of students after listening to scientific reports at humanitarian conferences. It was found that conference presentations have a pragmatic effect only in the case of the interaction of verbal, visual, performative modalities.

The experiment showed that the assimilation of new information and the acquisition of knowledge from conference presentations are not always achieved.



For citation

Tomskaya, M.V. (2022). Polymodal dimension of conference presentations. Issues of Applied Linguistics, 46, 142-167. https://doi.org/10.25076/vpl.46.06

This artiсle is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.